This is a re-design of the popular hospital style TENS machine that many people are familiar with.  This affordable TENS is simple and straightforward to use.

Perfect for the relief of lower and upper back pain, knee and shoulder pain. Provides good pain relief for people suffering with Sciatica and Rheumatoid Arthritis. This can also help with the symptoms of IBS (see our blog)



  • Easy to use analogue unit
  • Duel intensity independent channels -power level can be adjusted separately for each pair of pads
  • Program timer allows you to follow a specific treatment plan with ease.
  • 3 adjustable treatment modes
  • Both the intensity and program setting controls have flip covers to avoid accidental adjustment.
  • Compact unit with slim profile
  • Detachable Belt Clip enables you to clip the unit onto your belt or waistline.
  • 1 Year warranty


Burst –           Burst rate 2Hz

                       Pulse width adjustable 3μs - 260 μs

                       Frequency fixed = 100Hz


Normal–          Pulse rate adjustable 2Hz – 150 Hz

(constant)         Pulse width adjustable 30 μs - 260 μs

                        It generates continuous stimulation based on setting value


Modulation –   Pulse rate adjustable 2Hz – 150 Hz

                        Pulse width adjustable 30 μs - 260 μs

                        The pulse rate varies in a cyclic pattern




4 x alkaline AAA batteries 6.0vDC


Max 80mA across 500 Ohm load each channel

Pulse Width

From 30μs to 260 μs adjustable

Pulse Rate

From 2Hz to 150Hz


3 modes


Asymmetrical Bi-phasic square pulse

Treatment Timer

Continuous, 15min, 30min.

Auto Shut Down

5 minutes


92g (without battery) / 115mm x 62mm x 25mm



  • Analogue TENS unit
  • 2 lead wires (Style B) 
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • 1 pack of 4 4cm electrodes
  • Instruction manual 
  • Hard carry case

All of the electrodes on the Natures Gate website (excluding Mini TENS) can be used with this TENS unit.


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Works well and is a neat,slim,secure design.

jal on 3rd Aug 2020

Iv been using the older version of the same make,which Iv used virtualy everyday for nearly ten yrs. The newer version is slimmer in design and easier to slip into a pocket or handbag etc.It also has a cover over the controls to prevent them being knocked, or turned up! by inquisitive little grandchildren who can't resist turning knobs or pushing buttons wherever they are...

The Tens machine is a fantastic machine that I am using to combat back and neck pain.

giftshopsavings on 21st Oct 2019

It is a great alternative to the harmful toxic drugs that the pharmaceutical industry pedal through the legally entitled drug dealers that we call Doctors. Thanks for selling a safer pain reliever that actually works.


jakeyswann on 23rd Jul 2019

Easy to use professional TENS machine, even my physio was impressed. Has helped tremendously with pain relief from a slipped disc. Would recommend without reservation.

This TENS machine does what it says on the tin! Very well pleased.

swanepoel2005 on 3rd Jul 2019

I bought this machine for my wife who has arthritis in the one knee from an old injury. The pain meant she could hardly get around and walking for exercise was just not possible if she did not take two lots of pain killers in advance. This little machine has changed that totally. She uses 4 pads connected cross wise and the knee is just not a problem even with no pain killers at all! The pain does not go completely, but it is not crippling anymore and she can walk and go shopping etc with no problem. It is well made and easy to set. It uses the cheaper batteries, but we are still on the first set after about a month of about 1 hr per day use. For us it was well worth getting. This is our second, the first was a £5.00 one to test out to see if it did anything. It did! So I bought this one to get more control and power. Best decision out there! Dave

Instant pain relief

millie-17 on 18th Jun 2019

I have had severe pain in my feet for over 5 years, but this tens machine has given instant relief. I have even managed to halve the amount of pain relief medicine that I take and would recommend this to anyone.

Very well made and lightweight

jackson1461 on 5th Jun 2019

Amazing product, four single batteries give more power and last longer than the usual square batteries Works wonders on my back

Excellent product

eastcote80 on 27th Mar 2019

I've had a couple of different types of Tens Machine but they ran of 9v rectangular batteries which cost a fortune. I decided to try this one as it ran of 4 x AAA batteries but I was worried about the strength of the shocks. I was totally amazed at the power of such a small compact unit it's far stronger than the other types I've had. I suffer from muscular issues but since using this I'm able to carry out light exercises which I couldn't before. My Son also suffers with muscle problems and started to use mine as replacement pads are cheap as well but I bought him one which he keeps at work. The value of this unit is cheap compared to other TOP Brand makes but I can Highly Recommend this product and the seller as I ordered it on a Monday and I was wired up ready to go on a Wednesday morning. Can't speak more highly of this product as it's got different settings for pulse, continuous or variable pulse and a time setting all in this little compact powerful unit which you can carry around without even noticing you are carrying it. I showed this product to my physio who also would recommend and now does so to his other clients...Good Luck, You will not be disappointed.

Pain relief

Deele on 26th Mar 2019

This is a very good product and is a great help in relieving a certain amount of pain from arthritis it is also ideal to keep on over night up to now this is the best ive had to date and I have had quite a few thank you.