The Remedy Premium Muscle Stimulator is the 'Rolls Royce' of EMS machines [Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS)]. 

"The Remedy Premium Unit offers exceptionally good value for money. It is extremely effective clinically and has some unbeatable features making it my first choice for effective application of e-stim therapy."

- Jon Graham BA Bsc MSc Clinical Specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy,PhysioFunction Ltd, Northants.


This top of the range professional EMS unit a unique "IntelliSTIM" interactive programming function. This high specification machine offers many features that will not even be found on more expensive EMS machines. Whilst this machine is unrivaled in the many features offered it remains easy to operate and is ideal for both personal and professional use.




  • Intuitive operation
  • Unique IntelliSTIM feature
  • Large easy to see LCD display
  • 4 operating programs TENS/EMS (editable)
  • 17 preset EMS programs for ease of use
  • Functional IntelliSTIM with automatic interactive parameter adjustment
  • 2 selectable waveshapes
  • Dual intensity independent channels-each set of pads has a separate intensity control
  • Automatic last used program on start
  • Count down timer with automatic power off
  • Accumulative recording of treatment time
  • Lock function
  • 2 year guarantee



Programmes 0 to 3 manual for EMS/TENS (editable)

Programmes P1 to P17 are all pre-set EMS programmes:

    • P1 - Decontracting: relaxing effect reduces muscle tension
    • P2 - Myorelaxing: muscle relaxation
    • P3 - Capillarization: increases blood flow and oxygenation of muscles, which helps prevent muscular fatigue and improves endurance.
    • P4 - Warm-up
    • P5 & P6 - Aerobic Resistance: to increase ability to perform intensive training.
    • P7 - Toning: helps to tone muscles and prepare them for more intensive work.
    • P8 - Hardening: to increase the shape and firmness of muscles.
    • P9 - Force + Resistance
    • P10 - Force + Resistance: (under IntelliSTIM)
    • P11 - Force 1 (under IntelliSTIM control)
    • P12 - Force 2 (under IntelliSTIM control)
    • P13 - Force 3 (under IntelliSTIM control)
    • P14 - Explosive Force 1 (under IntelliSTIM)
    • P15 - Explosive Force 2 (under IntelliSTIM control)
    • P16 - Explosive Force 2 (under IntelliSTIM control)
    • P17 - Recuperation



2 alkaline batteries 1.5v AA 


Max 100 mApp across 1000 Ohm load (using 200uS pulse-width)

Pulse Width

From 50uS to400uS adjustable in steps of 50uS

Pulse Rate

From 1Hz to 110Hz

Ramp Time

From 1 to 5sec adjustable in steps of 1 sec.


21 modes – 17 EMS/4 TENS


- Symmetrical Bi-phasic
- Mono-phasic alternated

Treatment Timer

Continuous, 10min, 20min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min.

Auto Shut Down

5 minutes


104g (without battery) /138mm x 68mm x 28mm


2 Years




Zipped soft carry case

1 pack of 4 x 5cm electrodes

2 lead wires (style B)

2 AA batteries


 All of the electrodes on the Natures Gate website (excluding Mini TENS) can be used with this TENS unit.

Important - EMS and TENS should not be used by people with cardiac pacemaker devices. Those with epilepsy should take medical advice first. Do not use during first 36 weeks of pregnancy.


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excellent buy

5 days in and I love it. great to have so many choices of programme which means you can go easy and focus on rehabilitation in some areas and build muscle in others. perfect.

Great addition for post-op rehabilitation

Would be lost without this. Am now on operation number 5 on the same leg due to numerous balls up! This got me walking after the 2nd operation. Due to the fix of a new ligament not being right I couldn't work the quads on the medial side, so was loosing the battle to rehab it and get walking. I used presets 7&8 to work the muscle and noticed swelling reduction almost straight away and was able to start coming off my crutches after about a week. It pretty much helped me kick start the physio which we were failing at to begin with. After each op it has pretty much been the same issue with the VMO and inner quads. It Is part of my daily routine to keep the strength in my leg. You do not see massive difference in bulk or tone, but maybe I am not using the right programs for that. The instructions are geared much more towards people with some degree of medical/physio knowledge so I would suggest using it under a guidance of a physio or similar, as we have adjusted the settings slightly to make it more beneficial. There are pictures to try and help you place the pads but isn't too precise but you will definitely notice the difference when you have got the right motor point (The muscle stimulates at lower intensity on the right point). Overall I would have been lost without this.

Super solution to many pain types. Highly recommended.

Excellent muscle, pain and therapy stimulator. I bought this because I had pulled a calf muscle and needed to keep it pulsing steadily to improve recovery. I had prolonged deep pain that wasn't moving and made exercise more painful, yet stretching and use were the only route to recovery It was ideal and it worked well. Since this time it has been used by various members of the family to prevent injuries on tight muscles and to reduce pain in numerous applications. It has endless settings, some for deep pulses, some for shallow muscle groups, some that create long pulses and some that are mush shorter. 17 pre-programmed patterns, with specific and mixed pulse patterns. Recovery and therapy options, with exercise and stimulation variations. In practical terms it's easy to find a pattern that meets every requirement and then to try various power levels until an ideal setting is achieved. It runs on 2 sets of pads with the same programme running through both, but each set having independent power adjustment. I opted to pay a bit more for a better bit of kit. I certainly feel it was worth the expense and it fixed my pain at the time (eventually).

nature gates muscle stimulator

Super product was recommended to me by physio to help stimulate my wifes arm and leg mucles after a stroke and it works if you follow instructions (would recommend) arrived very quickly

Excellent Service

Superb service and first class friendly advice. I knew even before the product arrived that I had made the right choice. I have suffered a minor stroke and wanted something to assist re muscle stimulation etc. This machine is top quality. Thank you so much.

Very good bit of kit

Very good bit of kit. Bought it as a way of stimulating glute muscles as due to severe Arthritis in one hip exercise is difficult. Take a bit of practice to get the pads in the correct place. Also used it for trap muscles when they have gone into spasm this had a kind of massage effect so good for that also. Very good price, the manual is a little confusing but the machine is easy to use

Good Equipment

I used a similar item at Stoke Mandeville and after consulting my physio I decided to purchase this machine. It has proved to be very good and I use it each day to help with muscle stimulation. You need to read the booklet that comes with the equipment to ensure that the pads are placed in the correct positions.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to say that since I ..

It gives me great pleasure to be able to say that since I purchased the NMS Muscle Stimulator intel listen BE 28E following a total knee replacement I have nothing but praise for it. It has certainly worked well in helping to build up the muscles in my knee and also to help with the post operative pain. For any one contemplating whether or not to purchase one I would have no hesitation in recommending it.