Connector splitter lead wire (sold as pair). These bifurcating connectors enable you to double the pads used off each TENS lead wire to allow additional electrode capacity. Treat larger areas such as upper back, lower back and hips. Fits all standard lead wire pins and can be used with any device that uses TENS or Muscle Stim lead wires.

The pins fit standard electrodes having a 2mm connector.

Length 23cm

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Usefull for doubling electrode area around troublesome joints.

Allow flexibility of TENS use. The ability to use double patches allows higher charge with less pain.Useful addition to standard leads.

Connector Splitters

They are excellent, designed as they're supposed to work. I have TERRIBLE sciatica (and I mean terrible), so with the splitter cables it enables me to have eight electrodes and not just four. So now I have a mandatory couple one side of my spine and the other six lined up down the sciatic leg. It works a dream :-). Highly recommended if you need more than the normal supply of Tens relief! Just wish I could be powered by the mains now, instead of the numerous batteries I'm going through.....