Sold as pair
Style C, double barrelled.

Only works with Natures Gate Products, This non-standard lead wire will only fit some of our older discontinued digital machines. Please contact us if you need further advice.

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Lead wires

Margaret Campbell Tillott on 13th Dec 2019

Slightly different from my original machine which 9 years old but works. Good service and promt delivery

not bad

Jean on 26th May 2014

Super fast delivery (3 days to France!) Connexions on my BE 28E/C not the best: intermitent deconnection. I hope they last longer than the original ones which failed fairly quickly

Lead wires

Diana on 10th Mar 2014

I'm glad I finally found these wires, as it was difficult to find the proper model. The wires are softer and more flexible than the ones I have, and I hope they'll work for long period.

Rare Leadwires

Mr Spitz on 1st Dec 2013

Good quality and only UK place I could find that sells them.