This light weight and highly portable device offers the ultimate in convenient, drug free pain relief. The unit does not require any wires to function and operates from a small battery. The whole mini Tens machine itself is so small and compact, it attaches directly onto a sticky electrode tens pad which is placed on the skin.

The digital mini TENS unit will discreetly provide pain relief and massage and can easily be used under clothing. It is ideal to use when travelling as no inconvenient wires or attachments are needed. Great for relief from many aches and pains, including period pain, lumbago, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism etc.


  • 10 preset programmes for ease of use
  • 5 massage programmes & 5 EMS fitness programmes 
  • 30 minute timer
  • 16 intensity levels
  • Wireless and completely portable
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Value for money
  • 1 year guarantee


P1 – P5 TENS massage programs, each cycle 30 secs. 7 cycles

P6 – P0 EMS fitness programs, each cycle 1 min. 7 cycles. Contraction time 2 or 4 secs, relaxation time 2 or 4 secs



1 x CR2025 battery DC3V


Max 90mA across 500 Ohm load


10 modes


Dual phase square

Treatment Timer

30 minutes to auto shut off

Auto Shut Down

5 minutes


13g (without battery) / 54mm x 40mm x 10mm


1 Year



  • TENS unit
  • Small storage box
  • Snap on electrode
  • Lithium battery CR2025
  • Instruction manual


Replacement batteries and electrodes for the Mini TENS are available on our website


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tens machine

I bought 2 machines from Amazon, the first one worked for just over a month and the second one did not work at all. The one I bought direct from you is excellent

Something big from something small

Was at first shocked at the size of this tens machine, its so small I just thought well that's going to be rubbish! But surprisingly quite the opposite infact an extremely powerful little gadget and reduces my back pain quite well and stays in place, have to say having no wires is a god send to say the least! Money well spent, Happy happy

Great little product!

I have found these little machines to be very effective in managing osteoarthritis in my knees, whether sitting or walking about. By masking the pain,they really help me to keep mobile, which is important with this condition. I also find that a thirty minute treatment when I first get up in the morning, helps to relieve the stiffness in my knees. I find that the pads stick very well and the machines will stay on very well when I'm walking. I would say however that it's important to put the pads back on their silicon paper and store them in the little cases to keep them sticky, also your skin needs to be clean and free from grease. It's good to have a selection of programmes so that you can choose which one works best for you. Very easy and convenient to use.


I bought these items as I suffer from arthritis, fybervmyalger and slipped lower back disc and cartilage, you product helps with spasms and arthrities The places I use are back,neck,shoulder,ankle and hip and helps to loosen joints and helps relax my back. I have recommended to a lot of people. Thank you

Great for period pain

I don't know whether this works for losing weight, but it certainly works with period crams. You simply stick it to where it hurts and turn it on adjusting the intensity (from 1 to 10). I have never tried anything higher than 4. The device will then start working and will go through a set of different patterns. After 30 min it will shut down automatically. It helped me to relieve pain.

Mini tens, great product. would buy again

I bought this for my daughter who has Juvenile arthritis and Hyper mobility syndrome, both which cause her a lot of pain. She found the mini tens gave her great relief. She brings it with her everywhere. Easy to use and very discrete. would recommend this product highly.

eliminate back pain

used for two days. it done for my back pain what strong painkillers couldn't do. highly recommended.

An excellent product - it's just as powerful as much bigger ...,

An excellent product - it's just as powerful as much bigger 'wired' TENS machines I've used in the past, but has the added bonus of being completely portable. The hard protective case is perfect for putting in your bag and even has enough room for a spare pad and battery. My only (minor) criticism is that if you're using it for neck pain, it's quite difficult to put it on yourself and set it going, but after a few days of practice I found a technique that works.