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The Reliever Digital Tens Machine is the "Rolls Royce" of Tens machines. This state of the art machine has been specially developed to give optimum pain relief at an affordable price. With 11 modes and 2 channels it out-performs most if not all other units on the market.

This is one of our more sophisticated units, however compared to other units offering similar capabiliities this is significantly more compact and easier to use. 


  • 11 treatment modes, both adjustable and preset
  • Acute and Chronic Pain preset programs for ease of use
  • Unique IntelliSTIM feature
  • Intuitive operation
  • Dual intensity independent channels
  • Three selectable waveform options
  • Large push buttons - ideal for those with poor dexterity
  • Large LCD display
  • Memory function - automatic last used programme on start
  • High output - maxmimum amplitude of 130mA - ideal for patients with severe pain
  • Low battery indicator - a flashing symbol will indicate low battery
  • Count down timer with power saving automatic shut off
  • Accumulative recording of treatment time
  • Detachable belt clip enables you to clip the unit onto your belt or waistline
  • 2 year guarantee



  • Constant 1 - endorphin release
  • Constant 2 - endorphin release
  • Constant 3 - gate control
  • Burst 1 - endorphin release
  • Burst 2 - endorphin release
  • Burst 3 - endorphin release
  • Modulation SW - endorphin release
  • Modulation 2F - gate control


  • Modulation SW - endorphin/gate control
  • Acute Pain - sequence of 3 preset programmes optimised to treat acute pain
  • Chronic Pain - sequence of 3 preset programmes optimised to treat chronic pain



2 x alkaline AA batteries 1.5v


Max 130mA across 500 Ohm load

Pulse Width

From 50μs to 250μs adjustable in steps of 10μs

Pulse Rate

From 1Hz to 150Hz


11 modes


- Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular
- Asymmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular
- Mono-phasic rectangular.

Treatment Timer

Continuous, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min.

Auto Shut Down

5 minutes


100g (without battery)135mm x 65mm x 28mm


2 Years


  • TENS unit
  • Soft carry case
  • 4 pack of electrodes
  • 2 lead wires
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries 
  • Instruction manual


All of the electrodes on the Natures Gate website (excluding Mini TENS) can be used with this TENS unit.


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great little gadget

Does what it’s supposed to, great little gadget!

Natural pain relief

This is a great product for anyone looking for relief of nerve pain, fibromyalgia, restless legs, cramps, sciatica. It gives differed levels of intensity that you can choose and really gets endorphins working. I would recommend for pain relief that's not so invasive and more natural

I like it. Lots of options but not too daunting ...

This is my fifth TENS machine. The others just got worn out through constant use. This is not cheap but, so far, I like it. Lots of options but not too daunting to understand. I quickly settled on what works best for me and have changed it once or twice. Easy to turn on and off and adjust the level of the signals. The machine is a little longer than previous versions but that doesn't seem to be a problem. Instead of putting it on my belt loop, I frequently just slip it in my pocket and tuck loose wires out of the way. Overall, it's a good machine. Perhaps the best I've had.

Excellent item great pain relief

I purchased one of these tens machines some months ago and can't recommend it highly enough. It is an excellent item and has many settings. It gives good relief from my oster Arthritis and Fibromyalgia pains.

Miracle working TENS.

This is my favourite machine,easily the best I've tried,and I've tried a lot. The acute programme is so effective I can be confident it will treat my muscle spasms even at work and when I'm ready to throw in the towel and cry. Really really rate this. Em.

This is the second one I have bought

This is the second one I have bought from you, my daughter has the first one I bought and finds it helps her pain so then got one for myself great relief many thanks

Very handy little machine.

I had a knee replacement operation a little while ago so I'd been looking for anything that would help the healing process. I'd used TENS machines before for muscle based issues, so thought it wouldnt do any harm to give it a go, and I will go back to playing sport eventually so there will always be future aches and pains! I should mention at this stage that I did get the product for a discount for an honest review. And that discount was a part of the reason why I was willing to speculatively try this out. It made little or not difference to the aching knee issue, but in fairness its not really designed for it. However I could set it up to work my quad muscles for an extended period of time to help fight the muscle wastage. Also then did the same thing with the calf muscles. From the aching the following day, it seems like its doing a fantastic job. I also leant it to a friend who has had shoulder problems for years and she said its fantastic. Using it for an hour or so before bed time on bad days is letting her get to sleep much easier than she has for quite some time. So all in all pretty positive. It hasn't made any difference to the aching around a knee replacement joint, but it has a setting that works the quads beautifully and different settings that allowed painkilling on a shoulder, muscular problem. Its nice and compact and comes in a tidy little case. Actually comes with batteries!! And a little booklet that guides you to the right settings and indicates the best places to put the pads for various more common muscle groups

A good quality product

Tried a 'Top of the range' wireless tens unit for s short while, however the weight of the receiver units to which you attached the pads, made the pads fall off with any active movement of the body. Consequently the pads lost their adhesion very quickly and bearing in mind their exorbitant price I decided to change to a more conventional unit with wired connection to the pads. I came across the the intelliSTIM which has proved an excellent choice and far more effective with more programs and variations. In short an excellent unit at under half the price of my previous one