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The Premium Rental Service offers a full 6 week rental period.

Place your order today and the Natures Gate Obstar Maternity TENS machine will be reserved and later sent to arrive with you at 37 weeks (3 weeks before your due date). You will be asked for your due date during checkout.
If you've left it a bit late, not to worry, we provide an option for a speedier delivery.

With the Premium Rental Service you will have the latest in digital obstetric TENS technology. Our super high power machine has been designed to give maximum pain relief during labour and has a unique pre-set back pain programme option.

This service comes with our top of the range premium oblong advantrode electrodes.



    • Obstetric TENS with general use options
    • Boost on/off display in obstetric mode
    • Integral boost button
    • Unique pre-set back pain programme
    • 6 operating modes
    • Stylish 'flip style' design
    • Dual intensity independent channels
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Large push button controls - ideal for those with poor dexterity
    • Large LCD display
    • Memory function - automatic last used programme on start
    • High power - maximum amplitude 130mA
    • Low battery indicator
    • Timer to 90 mins



Technical Specifications:


Channels: Dual
Output: Maximum 130 mA (peak value) across 500 Ohm load
Power: AA batteries x 2
Pulse Width: From 50µS to 250µS adjustable
Pulse rate: From 1Hz to 150Hz adjustable


- Symmetrical bi-phasic rectangular
- Symmetrical bi-polar rectangular
- Asymmetrical bi-phasic rectangular



Treatment Timer: Continuous, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min, selectable.


Six Modes:

Obstetric Mode (default mode)

Back pain mode (pre-set programme)
Consists of 3 modulation phases. Each phase last 13, 15 and 12 mins, respectively (total 40 mins).


Burst 1 Two train per second, 250ms on, 250ms off. 25 pulses within one train, pulse width 200µs.

Burst 2 Two train per second , 250ms on, 250ms off. Pluse width and pulse rate are selectable.


Premium Rental Service Package includes:

  • TENS unit 
  • Leads
  • Batteries
  • Obstetric electrodes
  • Instruction manual 
  • Case
Current Stock:
MPN: 329
Availability Same Day Dispatch (Before 12noon mon-fri)
Weight: 400.00 Grams
Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout
Hire Period: 6 Weeks
Free Extension to Hire Period: Available on Request
Free Standard UK Shipping: No
Type: Digital
Electrodes: Premium Large Labour Electrodes
Boost Button: Intergral
Power: 130mA per Channel
Pre-set Back Pain Programme: Yes
Digital Display: Yes
Batteries: AA


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Happy customer!

This did everything I expected. USed from the beginning to the end and I coped really well considering. One baby boy 7lb 9oz later and I am happy to recommend from the hiring through to easy return.

Can't recommend enough!

As a first time mum, I spent hours researching how to have a safe, quick labour. Everyone worries about hours of pain and discomfort, but when my physio advised up, forward and open positions for labour during a prenatal class, I knew she would be on my wave length (as this was the type of labour I wanted and had researced). She then recommended the Nature's Gate TENS machine. It seemed a bit of an odd concept but she fully reassured me that it works and that it can significantly reduce labour time and pains. I had my first contraction at 2am, was 3cm dilated at 9.30 am, 10am dilated at 10.45am and delivered out beautiful baby girl at 11.27am in a birthing pool. Between 5am and around 11am I wore the TENS machine, ģradually increasing the intensity. I had no pain relief and was able to have the active labour I planned thanks to this device! 9 hours for a first time mum is incredible and I put a lot of it down to the TENS machine! If you're considering it, just do it! It works and it's fabulous! Thank you!

Just hire it

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will use again if needed.

Marvelous Machine

Arrived early, easy to set up and use, more importantly worked really really well for me in my labour. (6 hours). Happy to recommend.

Recommend for Labour

Used for a 9 hour labour. Great distraction and simple to use.

Order this now

Best thing I ever hired. Firstly, the lady that you speak to when you arrange the delivery gave me no end of useful advice and is totally lovely. The machine itself really helped. I had a 4 hour labour and nearly didn't make it to the hospital as they were all busy. The machine gave me something to focus on. Admittedly, it didn't touch the pain once I was in active labour but got me through the car journey. Two bits of advice. 1) if you need it higher then turn it up. I was being quite reserved assuming I may have half a day of labour left so only ended on a 6/10 so it could have helped even more. 2) The lady recommended we watch the youtube video. We did but wish we'd watched it a few times as you want to get it going early on so it ramps up. Thank you for helping me not have our baby girl on the A14!

Service and product GREAT

Cannot fault at all. Great service and simple effective product. RECOMMEND!

Impressed overall

The whole hiring experience was positive and simple. It was a easy to use device and my wife was really happy with the pain relief it gave her. She did not use one for the birth of our first baby and said this was very helpful.