Standard Rental  

The Standard Natures Gate Rental Service offers a six week Obstetric TENS hire with our high performance analogue unit, equipped with hand held boost button.

Place your order today and the Natures Gate Maternity TENS machine will be reserved and later sent to arrive with you at 37 weeks (3 weeks before your due date). You will be asked for your due date during checkout.

If you've left it a bit late, not to worry, we provide an option for a speedier delivery.

With this service you receive our Standard Oblong re-usable electrodes. These are ideal if you wish to use your TENS for back pain, afterpains or for those of you worried about 'false starts'.


Current Stock:
Same Day Dispatch (Before 12noon mon-fri)
390.00 Grams
28.00 (cm)
20.00 (cm)
6.00 (cm)
Shipping Cost:
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Hire Period:
6 Weeks
Free Extension to Hire Period:
Available on Request
Free Standard UK Shipping:
Standard Large Labour Electrodes
Boost Button:
Hand Held
80mA per Channel
Pre-set Back Pain Programme:
Digital Display:
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L Burt on 12th Apr 2016

Unfortunately, i did not get to use the TENS machine as it all happened quite quickly. However, I have used with my 2 previous labours and was fantastic!

Happy to recommend

PWilson on 24th Mar 2016

Prompt arrival just prior to my wife's 37th week. Very clear instructions and easy to use machine. Used from start to finish and seemed to provide a good level of pain control. Would hire again.

Rented twice.

Toni Law on 10th Mar 2016

No problems either time. Very good at getting me coping well with the pain. I have marked down a star for not being digital but I like having the high power button in my hand which is why I chose this one. Great service and speed of posting on both rentals. If you are not bothered about not having a screen go for this one.

Thank You

S Khan on 29th Sep 2015

Just wanted to write a quick thank you for an absolutely fantastic service. I asked for the rental to start at 36 weeks rather than 37 as I usually have baby earlier and being my 4th I have experience now! Sending it to me early wasn't a problem I was told by the lovely lady which I am grateful for as I had my baby at 37 and a half weeks. I used the TENS machine up to 8cm and then used the gas & air too but managed with only the TENS until then- I had a truly amazing vaginal breech birth so thank you once again. I highly recommend your TENS machines as I have used them with all 4 babies now!

Far better than expected.

Bells Feerick on 3rd Sep 2015

My husband and I were exceedingly surprised with how effective this was with helping with pain during my labour recently. It was hired as a distraction, not really thinking it would help but for me it was much more than that. I will use again and tell my friends.

Powerful effect

EH on 29th Jul 2015

The TENS was brilliant. I put it on about 3 hours into labour - before that, my husband had managed me but then he needed to go and pack for hospital. I hardly needed any gas and air until the head crowned and I needed an episiotomy. I wasn't expecting the TENS machine to have such a powerful effect.

Excellent product and service

Cheree on 15th Jun 2015

I am very impressed at the promptness of delivery - Thank goodness it arrived when it did because labour started late that evening! I used the TENS while I was in established labour. Baby girl was "posterior" so I was experiencing a lot of back pain. The "boost" button was very very helpful. I highly recommend this product and great service.

Worked just fine

Jonathan Roberts on 8th May 2015

This machine is a basic but good machine. My wife said it was a great help and really worked. Being a man I would have liked a digital screen to play with but I did not choose it. My wife especially liked having the boost button in her hand.