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With the ObStar Premium Tens Unit you will have the latest in digital obstetric TENS technology. Our Premium high power machine has been designed to give maximum pain relief during labour and has a unique pre-set back pain programme option.

The ObStar has a built in boost button for immediate relief.



    • Obstetric TENS with general use options
    • Boost on/off display in obstetric mode
    • Integral boost button
    • Unique pre-set back pain programme
    • 6 operating modes: Obstetric, Back Pain, Constant, Burst 1, Burst 2, and Modulation
    • Stylish 'flip style' design
    • Dual intensity independent channels
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Large push button controls - ideal for those with poor dexterity
    • Large LCD display
    • Memory function - automatic last used programme on start
    • High power - maximum amplitude 130mA
    • Low battery indicator
    • 2 year guarantee
    • Timer to 90 mins


Obstetric Mode - (default mode) Pulse rate adjustable frm 2Hz to 150Hz; pulse width 200µs
Back pain mode - (pre-set programme)
Consists of 3 modulation phases. Each phase last 13, 15 and 12 mins, respectively (total 40 mins).
Constant - all parameters are adjustable
Burst I -  Two bursts per second, 250ms on, 250ms off. 25 pulses within one train, pulse width 200µs.
Burst II - Two bursts per second , 250ms on, 250ms off. Pluse width and pulse rate are selectable.
Modulation - Pulse rate modulated from 50Hz to 100Hz while pulse width is modulated from 200µs to 60µs over 5 seconds




2 x alkaline AA batteries 1.5v


Max 130mA across 500 Ohm load

Pulse Width

From 50μs to 250μs adjustable in steps of 10μs

Pulse Rate

From 1Hz to 150Hz adjustable


6 modes


- Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular

- Asymmetric bi-polar rectangular
- Asymmetric bi-phasic rectangular.

Treatment Timer

Continuous, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min, 90min.

Auto Shut Down

5 minutes


100g(without battery) 98mm x 64mm x 32mm


2 Years


  • TENS unit with belt clip
  • 2 x leadwires (style B white)
  • 1 pack 4 x 4cmx10cm electrodes
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Zipped soft carry case
  • Instruction manual

 All of the electrodes on the Natures Gate website (excluding Mini TENS) can be used with this TENS unit.


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An essential part of your birthing kit.

Excellent machine. It really works! I had a 17 hours labour and it was the only pain relief I needed for the first 15 hours.

Very happy with this

It has done a very good job through at least 5 labours now but the really good aspect is the special back pain program. The batteries seem to last for ages and it's easy to get quite addicted. I've also used it for stiff necks and muscle strain. The only downside is the pink picture of a pregnant lady which attracts a few comments in more macho environments.

Brilliant TENS, would recommend to everyone

This was recommended to me by a friend who used it during her labour, and I loved it as much as her. I used it during the last stages of pregnancy for back pain, in labour and after. It was very simple to use, and massively effective. In the early stages of labour it worked fantastically. Due to (non-TENS related) complications, I had to have a c-section, and was in a lot of pain following that, so was able to use it after too, reducing the amount of drugs I had to take. I can't wait to use it for my next baby!!

Kept me sane and distracted

I bought this machine for my first pregnancy and I am re ordering the sticky pads for my third baby. I cannot imagine labouring without it. It was a godsend for distraction and pain relief. Only used this and gas for all but the end with no. 1 and all the way through with no.2. Have recommended several times and had lots of thank you's.

Cannot think of a negative

Cannot think of a negative. Buying this Labour machine was a good decision. Great service, loved the video, simple and straight forward including using it during my labour. I am sure it helped me a great deal.

Great buy

Bought this following a chat with my midwife who said these were good powerful machines. I have nothing to compare it to as this was my first pregnancy but I am very pleased with the help it gave me during my labour and would recommend. Also got good advice from the company when I telephoned to place the order and ask questions.

Very glad I bought this machine

I chose to purchase rather than hire as I had terrible lower back pain for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. This machine can be turned from its labour setting to a powerful general pain relief machine with one press of a button. Really got me through the last few weeks and indeed the labour itself once back in obstetric setting. Highly Recommend. *****

Can't recommend this machine highly enough

Can't recommend this machine highly enough! I didn't use a TENs machine during the labour of my first child but I did during the birth of my second and it helped make this second labour a much more positive experience. For me, it was the only pain relief I needed the second time around. I used the 'boost' button during each of the contractions and it really helped me stay calm and focused.