Extra large AdvanTrode® Backstrap Electrode 

One rectangular electrode 4 cm x 35 cm 

Our AdvanTrode electrodes contain a uniquely applied (Ag) Silver conductive film that disperses the current over the entire electrode surface. Pure copper lead wires with dispersive heads also help facilitate this current dispersion. By achieving even dispersion on the skin personal comfort is improved and TENS and EMS treatment is more effective.  The single electrode has a durable foam topcoat and comes with 2 standard pig tail connectors.


    • Top of the range electrode
    • Comfortable
    • Reusable
    • Self-adhesive
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Conformable
    • Made in USA


One of the best quality electrodes currently available.
For larger treatment area.



Suitable for back pain, thigh pain and abdominal pain

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Works well and easy to apply

Trev-R on 21st Feb 2019

I used this with an existing TENS machine. It is much easier to use than trying to get the 2 separate electrodes stuck on in the right place. Just remember to hang on to the plastic strips to use again when you take it off.

Pads for tens machine.

M Mc Lean on 24th Dec 2018

Easy to use. Great back pads. Have been using for over 6 months. Highly recommend.

Brilliant Product

Ally Smith on 25th Oct 2018

Brilliant product for your back. Much better than using 2 separate pads.

Lasts well

Joyce Holden on 31st Jul 2014

I bought this backstrap electrode several weeks ago and it is still working well. Will buy again. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.