AdvanTrode® Butterfly Electrode 

      One butterfly electrode 10 cm x 15 cm

Our AdvanTrode electrodes contain a uniquely applied (Ag) Silver conductive film that disperses the current over the entire electrode surface. Pure copper lead wires with dispersive heads also help facilitate this current dispersion. By achieving even dispersion on the skin personal comfort is improved and TENS and EMS treatment is more effective.  The single electrode has a durable foam topcoat and comes with 2 standard pig tail connectors.


  • Top of the range electrode
  • Comfortable
  • Reusable
  • Self-adhesive
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Conformable
  • Made in USA

 One of the best quality electrodes currently available.

      For larger treatment area.

 Suitable for back pain, thigh pain and abdominal pain


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Premium Butterfly Back Electrode

Ken Knight on 3rd Sep 2019

well made,easy to handle. VERY sticky. Works very well

Butterfly Electrode

cherry Bradbery on 9th Jul 2019

Amazing brill

Does the job

13th Nov 2015

This is the 1st electrode I've ever used so have nothing to compare it with but so far (2nd week of daily use on lower back) it's worked well. Natures Gate advised specific care suggestions which no doubt will help maintain longevity. I did find that I've had to shave the area I'm treating (being half gorilla) as the sticky stuff - although pretty sticky - was not sticky enough but once it's applied, it seems to maintain reasonable connection. I have found that when moving (even shuffling whilst sat with the TENS machine in "constant" mode) the signal can fluctuate quite a bit which I can only put down to variations in connection with my skin. Having said that, I can usually "force" a good connection which fortunately seems to coincide with a good posture. I've yet to find out how long it will stay sticky enough but will buy another once it's lost effectiveness & I'll buy it from Natures Gate as their help & advice one the phone, along with the prompt delivery service was great.

Brilliant bit of kit

Kate on 18th Jun 2015

Brilliant bit of kit, great on the lower back or parts of the body with little movement. A little bit trickier on areas with a lot of flex in different directions. They have a great amount of stick which in turn gives them a great amount of conductivity to use with T.E.N.S or muscle stimulators. They are really good for the price you pay, and natures gate are a really reliable company with a great track record. I have purchased from the, for many years and will continue to do so. This is the first time I have tried a Butterfly patch, and I was pleasantly surprised. I found they give a great area of treatment with a lot of conductive gel. I found they were best on the lumbar region of your back but they did work well higher up towards the Thorasic region. The electrodes just plugged straight into my existing machine and turned straight on. Really nice and simple and easy to use. I would buy it again without hesitation. Very pleased

premium butterfly electrode

7th Oct 2013

Have used these before and find them strong and durable and the adhesive gel is long lasting