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Extra large double foam backed electrode.

One rectangular electrode, 4 cm x 35 cm.

For larger treatment area.
Suitable for back pain, thigh pain and abdominal pain.  The single electrode has a durable foam topcoat and comes with 2 standard pig tail connectors.

    • Reusable
    • Self-adhesive
    • Hypo-allergenic
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Buy Works So Well

I was unsure to start with regards to if this would really work well enough. It really does! You can't tell it's on your back because it feels like a layer of skin. When it's hooked up to the Tens Machine it really does spread the plusses further around the affected area! Great for syatica. Thank you so much

Great help in easing lower back pain

Using one long strap is so much easier than trying to put on the smaller ones plus it covers a larger area .ideal for lower back pain.

Five stars

this is brilliant with one pad covers the whole area of the back

Five Stars

Great for those who use TENs machines for back pain. connectors are suitable for most, but not all, machines

Excellent product I suffer badly with my back and can honestly say ....

Excellent product I suffer badly with my back and can honestly say that within ten mins of putting this on my back I can stand up straight. I usually have to wait half hour at the least before I can stand up and that's not up right X have recommended this product to friends that also suffer. Will be ordering spares so I never run out xx

So much better

Thank you so much. So much better than trying to place two of the small square pads in the right place, this gets the right spot every time.

Very long

I have pain running all the way across my lower back. It covers the whole area and much easier to put on than several smaller ones that I was doing before. Not as cheap as smaller ones but less hassle and they have lasted well.