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Soft-Touch Green Butterfly Electrode

One green butterfly electrode 10 cm x 15 cm.

These green cloth electrodes have a high quality gel and carbon backing which allows superior conductivity.  The soft-touch cloth provides comfort and flexibility.  The single butterfly electrode has 2 standard pig tail connectors that fit most TENS and Muscle Stimulator units available in the UK.

    • Excellent for back pain or any larger area of pain
    • Very effective with muscle stimulators working on larger muscle areas.
    • Reusable
    • Self-adhesive
    • Latex free
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TENS Electrode Pad

This is what I was looking for, it covers a big area over the lower back, and the vibrations from the TENS machine distributes evenly. This is the best product I have used, as there is no allergic reaction from the pad, or burn marks on the skin, and is very comfortable with repeated application. I would definitely recommend this product

Great Product

Very good value for money.

Excellent Price

Excellent price for a replacement product so quality already assessed

Long laster

I have been very pleased with how long this has lasted. I have had no issues with sticky gel either.