Knee pain can result from many different conditions. For example:-Traumatic injury, Post surgery, Muscle strain, Tendonitis

A TENS machine can be an effective way to manage the pain.


Pulse Rate The Pulse Rate is the number of electrical pulses you will feel per second. The frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). Higher pulse rates are generally used for immediate blocking of acute pain. Lower pulse rates are used for endorphine stimulation to provide extended pain relief.

Pulse Width The pulse width is the length of time each pulse lasts. It’s measured in extremely small intervals called microseconds µs (1000ths of a second)

Suggested Electrode Placement

Ensure wherever you intend to place the pads, that the skin is clean and thoroughly dry. Remove the pads from the clear plastic shield and position on your body as required.

Using both leads, place pads over the top and base of the knees. Avoid placing pads directly on the kneecap

Suggested Treatment Parameters

Chronic Pain

Constant Mode

Pulse Rate: 20 Hz

Pulse Width: 150 µs

Treatment Time: Throughout the day as needed

Acute Pain

Constant Mode

Pulse Rate: 70 Hz

Pulse Width: 50 µs

Treatment Time: Throughout the day as needed


Always ensure that the unit is switched OFF before removing the electrodes. After use, return them to the clear plastic shields. There is no need to separate the unit from the leads and electrodes.