The wide range of variation in machine settings and electrode positioning gives great flexibility in terms of treatment options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the control settings or the placement of electrodes.

You may also find that your G.P, Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Acupuncturist can advise you on machine use specifically for your condition.

Treatment time in the conventional mode can be from 5 - 60 minutes with 20 minutes usually being sufficient. If used for longer than 1 hour then switch off for 5 minutes to reassess.

If good pain relief has been achieved with the conventional mode and then it becomes less effective this may be due to accommodation. Accommodation is when the nerves can become more tolerant to the TENS stimulation, reducing some of its effectiveness. The effects of accommodation can be greatly reduced by switching to MODULATION MODE. This is easily done using all the settings as before but switching the Mode Selector Switch from C (Constant) to M (modulation). This mode offers a gradual rise and fall type of stimulation that can feel very pleasant. MODULATION MODE can be utilized with any of the primary stimulation modes, but is particularly effective with the conventional method.

If after using the TENS machine for 40 minutes in the conventional mode you have not obtained relief then first try readjusting your electrodes. If after another 40 minutes you are still having pain then you may wish to experiment with one of the other modes available.

Above is a chart of the PRIMARY STIMULATION MODES giving the settings to be used and a comparison of the modes. In addition to the primary stimulation modes a number of other settings have been found through studies to be successful in treating various conditions. Below is a list of some of the alternative settings available.

This may all sound rather confusing but once you have found the settings that suit you best you will find the machine easy to use and very worthwhile.