Using  a Muscle Stimulator for Toning your Body


The unit works by sending small electrical pulses through two self-adhering electrodes to the underlying nerves and muscles. As a result the muscles will alternately contract and relax, as it does during physical activity, but with the advantage of avoiding a sense of fatigue.

When injuries prevent you from your normal routine, electric muscle training is a valuable tool to keep muscles active thus minimising the degeneration changes in muscles that usually occur following immobilisation or partial denervation.


Since the old adage, “use it or lose it” does apply to muscles, any time you contract or tighten a muscle or muscle group you can increase strength and tone.

But according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), electric muscle training is not as effective in the development of muscle size, power or coordination as voluntary resistance training.

In order to attain the body you’ve always wanted, you need to lose the fat and gain muscle tone. Electric muscle training does not burn fat. If you gain muscle without burning the over-layer of fat you will appear bulkier - not toned!

So, in conclusion, an electronic muscle stimulator will help to tone your body if used with traditional strength training and a healthy diet.