Hip pain is a common complaint that can be caused by a wide variety of problems, including arthritis, injuries, pinched nerves and cancer to name a few. Most often pain is felt in the front of the hip, but the joint is three-dimensional. Pain may be also felt along the outside part of the hip or even in the buttock area.

A TENS machine can be used to help decrease hip pain and increase your ability to enjoy everyday activities.

Place the TENS electrodes as suggested in the diagram.

Using both leads, place the electrodes from one lead either side of the spine, on your lower back.

Then place the electrodes, from the second lead, on the area of pain, on your hip.


Constant Mode

Pulse Rate: 50 - 100 Hz

Pulse Width: 40 - 74 ┬Ás

Treatment Time: Throughout the day as needed


Always ensure that the unit is switched OFF before removing the electrodes. After use, return them to the clear plastic shields. There is no need to separate the unit from the leads and electrodes.