Large Rectangular Axelgaard ValuTrode TENS Electrode Pads
Pack of 4 rectangular electrodes, 4.5cm x 9.5cm
These top quality electrodes have an innovative anti-lift rim to reduce edge roll-up and assure good skin contact.
Large size makes them ideal for treating larger surface areas such as for back pain. These electrodes also have the added benefit of a pliable design — ideal for application on areas which are not perfectly flat, i.e. elbows,knees and shoulders.
The Axelgaard gel, the strongest adhesive gel in the industry, ensures high conductivity and good adhesion.  The slim profile readily conforms to body contours.  They are durable, provide long-lasting comfort, and are latex free.
    • Ideal for back pain treatment
    • Suitable for use in labour
    • Can also be used with EMS units
    • Flexible
    • Reusable
    • Self-adhesive
    • Standard 2mm connectors fit many TENS on the market
    • Made in USA and CE approved
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Very Pleased

Easy to apply. Good stickiness. Ideal for pain in central lumbar spine.

Excellent pads

I love theses pads they don't get a rolled up edge, and the gel is really strong which means the conductive properties is probably the best I have ever tried. The tens unit only needs to be on a very low setting to achieve the best results. These can also be used with me EMS unit too. They don't irritate my sensitive skin either. I have used these pads for a few hours a day every day. The anti roll edge means they don't stick to my clothes. The pads are also a great size to use on any part of your body but particularly on your back giving off a good area of treatment. All in all a fabulous set of electrodes, especially as they come with a very good pouch to reseal them in. Worth every penny.


As others have said, very high quality and important for me is hypoallergenic. No irritation at all.

Outstanding quality

The last pack has lasted a good month which is an improvement on the previous type I used from Boots by several weeks. Good value too I think.

Great quality electrodes

Great to find a good size electrode to use on my back with my tens machine that I do not react to. I have been using it daily for several weeks and they are still working well. It is on for 3-5 hours a day.