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This easy to use, robust muscle stimulator is ideal for muscle toning and muscle strengthening. It can be used to treat and prevent the degeneration of muscles, and is a safe and effective method for selective muscle training as an aid to physical exercise. It is also a recommended machine for post operative recovery especially for knee or hip surgery. The 12 programs include 3 TENS programs for pain relief use.


This great value unit is supplied with quality gel electrodes, instruction manual, batteries and carry case.




  • EMS/TENS unit
  • Large zipped carry case
  • 1 pack of 4 x 5cm electrodes
  • 2 lead wires (style B)
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Instruction manual


All of the electrodes and lead wires on the Natures Gate website (excluding Mini TENS) can be used with this TENS unit.



  • 9 EMS programmes (8 preset and 1 manual)
  • 3 TENS programmes (Pulse Width Modulation, Pulse Rate Modulation, and Burst)
  • Easy to see large LCD screen
  • Dual channel - each set of pads has a separate intensity control
  • Flip close design protects settings
  • Lock function
  • Power saving auto switch-off after 5 minutes if left at zero strength
  • Treatment timer up to 90 minutes
  • 2 year warranty 


  • P 0-7   EMS preset programs
  • P8       EMS manual settings
  • P9       TENS pulse width modulation
  • P10     TENS pulse rate modulation
  • P11     TENS burst mode




2 x alkaline AA batteries 1.5v


Maximum 130 mA across 500 Ohm load, per channel

Pulse Width

 from 50μs to 300μs (EMS), and from 50μs to 250μs (TENS)

Pulse Rate

from 1Hz to 150Hz


12 modes – 9 EMS / 3 TENS


-symmetrical biphasic rectangular

-symmetrical alternated biphasic rectangular

Treatment Timer

Continuous, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes

Auto Shut Down

5 minutes


102g (without battery)/98mm x 65mm x34mm


2 Year



Important - EMS and TENS should not be used by people with cardiac pacemaker devices. Those with epilepsy should take medical advice first. Do not use during first 36 weeks of pregnancy.


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Good value for such a powerful machine!

I would like to recommend this muscle stimulator. I bought it for my husband to help with strengthening of the muscles around his knee. He likes to be active but lately has been stopped by his knee issue. After just a few weeks of daily use he has noticed an improvement in the knee and how the muscles around his knee are better supporting it. Good value for such a powerful machine!



Sleek, Discrete & Powerful!

I ordered this snazzy little device to save myself on trips to the chiropractor where my doc uses a similar device on me. I love the sleek, slim, discrete look of it! I wear it at my desk to help with neck and back pain I have from working on a computer all day. The wires are easily concealed under my clothes and the pack clips to waist band or bra strap, depending on where I have the electrode pads attached to my body. It is very powerful! My headaches, neck and back pain have improved! Plus I am saving TIME and BIG MONEY by not needing to visit the chiropractor all the time!

Just what I needed.

This little machine has exceeded my expectations. My Physio had recommended I buy this muscle Stimulator for strengthening some of my muscles after an injury. The muscle stimulation was quick to help and after only a week I already feel stronger and have been able to resume normal activities. I am very pleased and will definitely recommend to others.

I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of this machine

I’m very impressed with the quality and performance of this machine. My Physiotherapist recommended that I purchase this particular model of muscle stimulator. My leg muscles weakened due to an injury and the muscle stimulation programs have in a few weeks already helped my leg feel much stronger, so I am very pleased. When it is clipped onto my waistband it doesn’t get in the way when I move around. It also fits into my pocket if needed. Lots of power in this machine and it has a good choice of programs. Very happy!