TENS for General Pain Relief 

"After only two half hour sessions with my iTens I experienced a significant reduction in back pain. The machine is easy and comfortable to use."

- Mr W. Long, Sutton.

"I had Repetitive Strain Injury some years ago and since then have been prone to neck tension and upper body muscle problems. I was recommended to use a TENS machine for neck pain by my Physio nine months ago and now wouldn't be without it. I find the different settings very useful and have used it successfully to relieve the pain and tension of sore and strained muscles. It is also good for general stress and muscle tension as it is very relaxing - and much cheaper than paying for a regular massage!"

- Ms H Phillips, Sevenoaks.

"We purchased one of your mini wireless tens machine to help with the arthritic pain in my knee. I now wouldn't be without it. It gives me reliable painfree time each occasion I use it and is far more effective than the painkiller tablets prescribed by my doctor. I find the sensation from it very comforting. It is very discrete, convenient to use and maintain with additional supplies of batteries and electrodes being easily and quickly obtained direct from your company. All in all it has made such a big difference to my life and wellbeing and I would, and do, strongly recommend it to anyone."

- Mrs L Helm, Stamford.

"I have been an internet customer of Natures Gate for about two years. In that time I have received excellent service. Orders usually arrive within two days of placement. Any queries are sorted out immediately, always to my satisfaction. The various products I have purchased from Natures Gate are of a quality and price that cannot be equaled despite many hours spent surfing the net. Overall a first class experience."

- Mr F. Down

"I have been using a Tens machine (LogiSTIM 19T) purchased from you a few months ago. My son bought this machine for me as I have been suffering from chronic pain in my neck since last May. I have had an MRI scan and I have been diagnosed as having four compressed/degenerative discs in my neck and this is apparently what caused my pain. The pain became so severe that I have not been able to work since last September. I have used numerous drugs prescribed by my doctor which have not helped that much and have more side effects than benefit. However I do find that the Tens machine works well and really zaps the pain. I can now drive without too much pain. I am extremely pleased with my machine and find that by combining exercise and use of the machine I am starting to overcome the pain."

- Ms. G Oxford

"Thank you for the speedy delivery, I received the pads this morning. Also to let you know I am very pleased with the TENS machine. It is a god send. I have osteo-arthritis in both knees. Once again- a big thank you."

- Mrs M. Whitehaven


TENS for Labour Testimonials

 "It was worth it's weight in gold."

- B.Kelly, Southampton

"I didn't realise quite how much it was helping until I had to turn it off - the backpain without the TENS was almost unbearable! Many thanks."

- H.L. Tiverton

 "My wife Rachel used the TENS successfully throughout her 27 hour labour. It was a great help to her, and meant that she needed no other pain relief."

- Mr P .M. Bury

 "I found it extremely helpful and with the use of it managed to stay at home for an extra 9 hours. Best wishes."

- J.H. Middlesex

 "I couldn't have done it without the TENS machine. My little girl came 3 weeks early, a perfect 71bs 8ozs."

- Mrs S. Twickenham

"After a long labour and traumatic delivery with my first child, I was desperate to have a more natural birth 2nd time around. My baby boy was born last Friday using just the tens and a couple of hours of gas and air. The machine was fantastic and I will be recommending your service to all my expecting friends. Thanks very much."

 - J. Alexander-Stark. 

"I am not very good with pain and have hired twice from Natured Gate. On both occasions I was able to cope with just the TENS machine and gas and air. I regularly recommend Natures Gate to my friends."

 - V Adams, Bournemouth. 

"The machine arrived promptly and worked well. It was easy to use and put together. I was very happy with the service."

 - N Tracy-Ventura, Southampton. 

"I used the TENS machine right up till getting in the pool for the water birth. It helped a great deal during the labour. The service was excellent and very prompt."

 - A. Ward, Winchester. 

"The tens machine helped me manage the contractions really well through the night. I would recommend the TENS rental service from Natures Gate. " 

- V Humble. 

"The TENS helped me a great deal during labour. I found the back pain programme very useful also. Using the TENS alone got me well over half way there before I needed any other pain relief." 

- S Cook, Warrington. 

"I have used Natures Gate twice. I relied on the TENS machine throughout the labour. The service was good and it was good value for money. I would be very happy to recommend Natures Gate and use them again." 

- C Livesey, Ormskirk. 

"I found this TENS machine very useful in the latent phase of labour which lasted 2 days." 

- C McKenzie, Houston. 

"The TENS machine was brilliant and really really helped so much. Thank you." 

- L Danson, Dartford. 

"I hired through Natures Gate and would highly recommend it. I was able to manage the pain and stay in control. The machine was easy to use and my hubby took over the boost control when it was required. The machine arrived 3 weeks prior to my due date. 5 star service, thank you." 

- E Deb, Paisley. 

"I wish I had used a TENS machine for previous births. It helped me stay at home a lot longer and I did not need any other pain relief." 

- S Hallam. 

"I found the TENS machine invaluable and was the only pain relief I needed. When offered gas and air I declined as I had got into a good rhythm with the TENS. I would highly recommend Natures Gate." 

- A Hooper, Basingstoke. 

"It was absolutely marvellous and enabled me to have a truly natural childbirth. Many thanks for all your help and getting it to me at such short notice." 

- Ms R. Ealing 

"The machine was wonderful, our baby was 11lb 6oz and we didn't need any other pain relief." 

- Mr and Mrs P. Holland 

"All the midwives were very impressed with the standard of your TENS machine. Many thanks." 

- Ms N. Exeter 

"The six week rental period is excellent as my baby arrived two weeks late and I wasn't worried about having to return the TENS immediately." 

- Mrs S.S. Aylesbury 

"Thank you for your friendly and efficient service, and with good, clear instructions for use of your TENS machine. I have already recommended your service to friends." 

- G.S. Leicester 

"Excellent service. I am a community physio up in Shetland and will recommend Natures Gate to all my 'Mums'. Many thanks." 

- D.K. Shetland 

"I don't see how you can improve a service that is very good, cheap and to such a high standard of service already. Thank you Natures Gate." 

- Mrs. L. Stockport